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Here is the List of High PR Article Submission Sites –

Here we are discussing the details of list of some top article submission sites. Among the best article submission sites, Bookmarking Site For U is great as a publishing site for passionate writers. It is damn good for creating a fresh audience. Though it takes 2-3 days to get published the quality backlink’s is worth for any website.  By using article submission websites list bloggers can create lots of backlink’s that may go viral if the content is of high-quality. Given that most article submission websites are free, there is no big cost involved in creating additional traffic. Article submission has always been an effective SEO technique. By submitting articles to top article submission sites creating long-term backlink’s from high PR sites is pretty easy. This fosters a better relationship with readers and makes blogs very popular.

S.No. Article Submission List Month
1 Sponsored
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5 18-Oct
6 18-Oct
7 18-Oct
8 18-Oct
9 18-Oct
10 18-Oct
11 18-Oct
12 18-Oct
13 18-Oct
14 18-Oct
15 18-Oct